ADOPTer instructions

You are welcome to make contact with the family to let them know of the adoption. They should be able to provide any additional information needed. It is also good to set a time and date for delivering gifts. Adopters can also choose to remain anonymous. If adopters choose anonymity, gifts should be delivered to our agency no later than Friday, December 8. Our staff will contact the family to make delivery arrangements. 

Upon completing and submitting your adopter information sheet, staff will send families for you to consider. After receiving the info sheets and selecting a family(ies), adopters will need to provide the following information to agency staff:

  • What is being provided for the family: toys, clothing, food, gift certificates, etc.
  • If supplying food, will it be purchased from agency?
    • Will the food be delivered to family or through agency?
  • If supplying gift certificates, will they be purchased through the agency? What is the dollar amount?
  • Will gifts be delivered to the family or agency?

If you would like to make your selection in person, please visit our office from 9 am to 5 pm beginning Wednesday, November 15. (If you intend to make your selection in person, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.)

If you prefer to make your selection digitally, please provide the following information: 

Adult sex
Senior sex